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“We are very grateful that we found Mr. Rodsuwan when our daughter was 4 years old and we realized she had a musical ability that we wanted to be nurtured. Our primary goal then was for her to have a life full of a love for music. Mr. Rodsuwan fulfilled all of this in his typical exemplary fashion. Neeta, our daughter, loves to play and eagerly looks forward to coming for her weekly classes for the last 4 years. She has made amazing progress.  Thanks to Mr. Rodsuwan’s exceptional skill to engage children of all ages. He is not only an exceptional musician, violinist but an incredible teacher who is the embodiment of patience. The blossoming of our daughter’s skill in violin an the joy we see in her, makes the 2 hours of driving back and forth more than worthwhile. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Mr. Rodsuwan” Vijay Yechoor, M.D.

"When "Alex Trystad (our son), who took lessons with you. He graduated with honors from Baylor in 2010, receiving a B.M. in viola performance. After that, he went to Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, where he completed his M.A. in viola performance. Now is a D.M.A. candidate, is concurrently working on another Master's degree in Theory Pedagogy, and is adjunct faculty in the music department at a local college where he teaches string methods, serves as the viola instructor, and coaches a chamber group. You were a part of his long journey in music"   Marc Trystad

"Mr. Rodsuwan is unlike any other private teacher; he puts his all into helping the students. He uses metaphors to convey the feelings of music in the way the student can understand and his teaching style is very modern and his technology is up to date. Thanks to him. I was able to become principal violin II in the Houston Youth Symphony and I am the concertmaster of the St. Edward's University Orchestra." Josep Tang

"Mr. Rodsuwan works so well with the kids. His patient and makes every lesson exciting and fulfilling. To the kids, lessons are fun. They look forward to coming every week. I enjoy watching their passion for the and making music grow with every lesson and every time they practice.  After the recital, Alex proclaimed it was the best day of his life!"
David Reed

“As a high school teacher, I know that just because a person is knowledgeable about a subject, teaching requires more than just knowledge. Although I have only been playing the violin for a few months Mr. Rodsuwan has successfully provided me with the basic skills and knowledge needed to advance as a violinist. More importantly, he has encouraged me to continue following a dream regardless of the obstacles.”
                                     Caroline Cunningham

As an adult student with prior experience with music teachers, I consider Mr. Rodsuwan to be the best I have ever worked with. Progress is fast and teaching time is used efficiently to get the student where he/she desires. From custom made musical pieces to working on small details to polish ones playing, Mr. Rodsuwan is a professional who can do it all. I began working with Mr. Rodsuwan as a violinist with a few years of experience, but within just two months of being his student my playing skills, knowledge of my instrument, and comprehension of  theory excelled significantly. Mr. Rodsuwanis not only a but also a man with a strong passion to bestow all his knowledge with incredible energy and charisma; he is simply so much fun and pleasant to work with. I recommend him to all those who are on their journey to becoming great musicians, as well as those commencing their journey."  
                                                                                             Sonia Parada

Mr. Rodsuwan,
        I wanted to thank you for giving so much of yourself when you teach violin. It is easy for anyone observing to see that you are very passionate about the violin and teaching others to share your love for the violin. I could not have found a better instructor for my daughter and myself. You always encourage and motivate us to move forward.  You personalize each lesson to fit our individual needs and make learning very easy. Each week my daughter and I can’t wait until our next lesson. I will recommend you to everyone that I come across.
Vanessa Rodriguez
"Mr. Rodsuwan is my 3rd violin teacher I have had over the years and I have learned more from him in 1 year than I have ever learned from other violin teachers or even trying to teach myself. The simple yet helpful techniques he teaches make it possible to learn and master in a short time with practice. The attention he provides, whether it is a particular song I want to learn or a technique I am struggling with, is so hands on I feel like I am pupil!  His passion for teaching shines through his lessons with the use of technology utilizing software, high-end recording and portable devices.  Mr. Rodsuwan has shown me the multiple styles of music he can play on his violin, and in a few we are learning what ever piece I choose to learn. If he doesn't have the sheet music in his extensive library he can find it quickly or write it himself using his synthesizer and incredible software. He is a master violinist, piano player and certainly a master of technology." Joanne Ferguson

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